You and your fellow judges will help make our event a great success. The Hava Nagrilla Charity BBQ Championship is a KCBS sanctioned event and as such, judges will be accepted on a first come basis.  We look forward to having you join us in making this a successful BBQ Event. The judges will perform their duties inside, in a comfortable indoor space.

You don't have to be a Kosher certified judge to judge Hava NaGrilla. We accept all certified KCBS Judges.

Please take the time to review and fill out the application 

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A team must consist of a minimum of 1 person but no more than 4 people. *Deadline for Registration: March 1, 2019

The 4 meats for competition will be: full 1st and 2nd cut brisket (packer cut), 10 beef short ribs (10 separate cut beef short ribs), 1 whole turkey (14-16 pounds), 10 chicken thighs. All these meats will be purchased by Hava Nagrilla committee. The meats will be distributed to each cooking team Saturday evening after Shabbat. In addition to the grills and smokers, we will provide: Kingsford Blue Charcoal, all knives, metal barbeque utensils, syringe injectors, barbeque gloves, 2 quart saucepans, heavy aluminum foil, Stark portable cutting boards, Kosher salt and pepper. Each barbeque team will have to provide their own selected spices and liquids, all brand new Kosher and certified. You must place one piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of each styrofoam box. The aluminum foil should not reach up to the sides of the styrofoam box. Remember that this is a no garnish barbecue event! The mashgiach will be present to inspect all spices and ingredients that you bring to the event. The mashgiach will have the final approval of all the ingredients. If you have any questions, please inform us and we will pass them along to the Kosher supervisor.

Everything you bring must be Kosher certified , new and unopened.

~ You may bring your own meat and grill thermometers as long as they are brand new, unopened and sealed

~ You may also bring your own BBQ fan

 ~ All seasoning and injected fluids must be Kosher and unopened when you present them to the Kosher supervisors on Thursday evening.

~ All BBQ and cooking utensils. *A 3 piece knife set will be provided by Ergo Chef, our official supplier of BBQ Cook Knives. [View a video about Ergo Chef's Precision Sharp Ergonomic Cutlery] (although you may bring your own internal meat thermometers as long as they are new, sealed and in their packaging).

The Kosher supervisor will be under the auspices of Keystone-K. 
You will not be allowed to bring any prepared sauces or broths from your kitchen even if you keep it strictly Kosher. However, you will be allowed to bring sauces that are sealed and brand new and Kosher certified. If you are unsure about Kosher certification, please go to the Keystone K to view what is acceptable.

The brisket will be distributed Saturday evening to all the cooking teams after the Sabbath ends, the rest of the meats will be able to be picked up from the Synagogue refrigerator anytime after Shabbat is over. Ice will be provided from Saturday evening through Sunday morning to all the cooking teams. Professional welding gloves and hot food BBQ gloves will be given to each cooking team as well. This will be a strictly non-garnish event! Any cooking team that uses garnish will be disqualified. All of the equipment that was given to teams must be returned at the end of the event without exception.

There will be a trash can available for grease and ashes at the event during cleanup. There will also be a water station with a hose as well as 2 pressure washers to help with cleaning that will be available for all BBQ teams after the festival. We will be providing 10 x 10 pop-up tents for each cooking team with lighting to be installed by our electrician. That will be the size of each cooking teams area. Each team gets two tables for food preparation and food staging. If you wish to use table extenders, you must bring your own. You also will be responsible for covering your own tables.

For further rules & regulations please refer to the KCBS website or email.

Hava NaGrilla will provide all smokers for the competition. We will be providing a 22 inch Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker and a 22" Weber kettle grill.

Cooking teams will be responsible to bring their own flavored woods and charcoal (if you wish not to use Kingsford Blue Charcoal), as well as a fire extinguisher, cooler and sleeping gear and battery operated flashlights. If you'd like to bring a lounge chair or futon, you are encouraged to do so. If you wish to bring a small, portable generator it must be quiet running. We will also provide hot plates for all cooking teams. We are having  a Chili Cookoff for public tasting at 2pm. You can use any meat or ingredient you wish to use as long as it is Kosher certified and checked by the Mashgiach.

Team Application/Registration Form Details:

Only 20 teams will be accepted for the 2018 competition. There is also a waiting list.


Hava NaGrilla 2019 cooking team cost is $300 including a non-refundable $100 deposit.
We require that all teams pay a $100 deposit by March 1st.

We have many teams returning next year for the 2019 contest. This is a first come first serve application list. To reserve your place we encourage you to pay your hundred dollar non-refundable deposit as soon as possible and at the very latest by March 1, 2019. Final payment of $300 and application must be received by April 1, 2019. It is quite likely that we will have all teams registered and paid up prior to that time. There will be a waiting list and we will take teams off the list as needed.

Final payments due by April 1, 2019


  • 100% refund of fee paid if request to withdraw is made by May 1, 2019
  • 50% refund of fee paid if request to withdraw is made by May 31, 2019
  • NO refund of fee paid if request to withdraw is made AFTER May 31, 2019 (unless team from waiting list fills spot with full fee paid minus $50 for late cancellation)

Register & Payment Online

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Interested in the official KCBS rules and regs? We have you covered! Click the button below to find out more.

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I do solemnly swear to objectively and subjectively evaluate each Barbeque meat that is presented to my eyes, my nose, my hands and my palate. I accept my duty to be an Official KCBS Certified Judge, so that truth, justice, excellence in Barbeque and the American Way of Life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

What is KCBS?
KCBS sanctions and judges BBQ competitions across the U.S. and promotes barbeque as America's cuisine. It is the largest society of barbeque enthusiasts in the world.

How does KCBS sanction a BBQ competition?
By providing the most respected form of judging and scoring in the world of BBQ, KCBS provides representatives for each contest and access to certified BBQ judges who have been trained in how to judge world-class barbeque, all while using a blind judging process that is fair and void of personal knowledge of teams being judged.

How many competitions does KCBS sanction?
KCBS sanctions nearly 300 events across the country, and sanctions contests in 44 states.

Does KCBS only judge Kansas City style BBQ?
No. KCBS judges are trained in a manner that allows them to appropriately judge ALL types of barbeque, from St. Louis and Texas styles to Memphis and Carolina styles. Our contests are held in every region of the country, and as a result receive the same fair, unbiased, trained judging process.

How many members does KCBS have?
KCBS has more than 14,000 professional members throughout the world.

How does one become a KCBS member?
An individual membership to KCBS costs $35, and includes a subscription to The Bullsheet, the society’s monthly magazine, as well as inclusion in numerous discounts and special offers. A family membership costs $50.

How does one become a KCBS Certified Barbeque Judge?
By attending one of the numerous official judging classes conducted by KCBS each year throughout the country. Each class has an enrollment fee (which is discounted for members), and instructs students on how to judge world-class BBQ. An updated list of judging classes are listed on the KCBS official website.

What categories does KCBS judge at contests?
KCBS conducts official competitions at each event in the following categories: chicken, ribs, pork and brisket.

What are the qualities that a KCBS Certified Barbeque Judge looks for as he or she judges?
A KCBS judge evaluates barbeque in three different criteria: taste, appearance and texture.

How long has KCBS been around?
KCBS was formed in 1986 by Gary and Carolyn Wells and Rick Welch.

How is KCBS operated?
As a non-profit corporation, KCBS is administered by a 12-seat board of directors.

Where is KCBS located?
The KCBS home office is located at 11514 Hickman Mills Drive, Kansas City, MO 64134.