Directions for filling out the form below:

For Cooking Team members: All ingredients will be supplied on the community pantry table. Please indicate all the items you plan to use to help us stock the pantry.

FRESH PRODUCE & HERBS: Fresh produce and herbs needed by your team may be brought as needed. This includes: vegetables, fruits, garlic cloves, etc. All herbs MUST BE TURNED INTO THE Mashgiach FIRST THING during prep time and left with your team supplies. All herbs and produce must be cleaned before use.

SPECIAL REQUEST ITEMS: (including broths & sauces) *Be sure to list the number of retail containers needed. Container size indicated is approximate.

SPICES: *Please indicate amount needed in tablespoon amounts.

SWEETENERS & THICKENERS: *Please indicate amount needed in tablespoon amounts.

Team Ingredient Form

Team Ingredient Form