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What Does It Mean to be Kosher?
May 11, 2017
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Hava NaGrilla Welcomes New Sponsor: Redfin
July 14, 2017

The Pickle Guys! Hava NaGrilla’s OFFICIAL Pickle Sponsor

pickle guys

Hava Nagrilla welcomes our “Official” Pickle Sponsor! The Pickle Guys

The Pickle Guys have a gourmet Pickle Store on the Lower East Side of NYC. They make their pickles from an old Eastern European recipe “Just the way mom use to make them”.The pickles are made by letting them sit in salt brine with garlic, spices, and no preservatives. Storing them in barrels, from a day up to six months, the pickles cure as they sit.

They also have added Olives, Pickled Watermelon & Russell Borscht and Pickled Turnips and Pickled Pineapples!

You can buy them at their website … or taste them at the festival.

2 Barrels of pickles will be at the Hava NaGrilla Smoke BBQ festival on Sunday August 27th…. are you ready?!