ari white bbq
Ari White – The Wandering Que is at Hava NaGrilla 2019
May 22, 2019
A kid friendly event…
May 31, 2019

Tons of Food and Fun at Hava NaGrilla Festival

This year there will be something for everyone! Hava NaGrilla Smoke BBQ Festival will have a huge amount of different food & drink vendors all serving their unique specialties.

Among the vendors will be:

  • Nana’s Kitchen, will be offering their delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as some gluten-free options.
  • The Wandering Que, who was the 2016 Brisket King in NYC! He will be serving his famous turkey legs, smoked brisket sandwiches and lamb ribs.
  • Judd’s Memphis BBQ from Brooklyn, NY, serving their signature gourmet hamburger Platter, Deep fried maple glazed chicken sandwich and Grilled kosher classic hotdogs.
  • Jakes Kosher Smoke BBQ, serving Smoked brisket sandwiches, knockwurst, chicken wings, sausages, egg rolls and smoked corn on the cob among other things!
  • The Sweet Trading Company who will be sure to cater to your sweet tooth with s’more’s, penny candies & sweets as well as an ice cream and water ice station and a crazy color cotton candy station.
  • Temple Beth Hillel Beth El, serving up charcoal grilled Kosher hotdogs
  • The Star of David
  • RNZ Smoke Barbecue Caterers
  • 13th Street Cocktail Caterers who will be serving their amazing signature drinks:
    • Moscow mohels ( kosher moscow mule!)
    • Sasafras ginger highball
    • Hava NaGrilla firewater
    • Eye of the tiger Rocky Balboa tonic